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but don’t you hate…

Over dinner one night, a (male) friend teasingly said, “But you hate men.”

I laughed and said, “No, not men—patriarchy, and entitlement which harms both genders.” I paused then continued, “It’s not my fault that the most entitled group in the U.S. happens to be white males.” He nodded.

Not counting my jesting friend, I’ve often found it amazing that when I point out the evident, others inject an assumptive opinion about what I mean or think, often trying to discount me personally for noticing and speaking up.

This is especially true if I verbalize anything to do with patriarchy. In my experience, the tetchiest people in the world are men. I’m old-ish now and I’ve been talking about the damage patriarchy has had on women, men, children, fauna, flora, dirt and the galaxies since I was a teenager, yet I can count on three fingers the times a man wasn’t defensive about this. This is especially true as income level rises.

First, no one is talking about You unless You identify with what is being seen/said.

Secondly, if something is obvious, it’s still not personal. It’s just obvious.

Thirdly, I’m not the only person who can identify this as a problem [testosterone: the most lethal substance on earth (george carlin)]. Observing something—be I female or male—doesn’t mean I’m choosing sides. Just because I see it and I’m female doesn’t mean I fabricated it or that it’s erroneous.

I’m on the side of “truth,” not gender. I’m on the side of empirical and repeated anecdotal evidence. I just want “it” to get better, people—not to be right. Which BTW, tends to be more of a male concern.

Zen tenet suggests that misery comes from not accepting “what is.” If you can’t look out at our world and not see that women are often prey, do 70% of the world’s work, bring home 17-30 % less than men (look it up)—just because, have males trying to regulate their wombs with laws and panels only populated by men to discuss reproductive rights, carry the emotional bulk of “relationships,” put in 4-5 x the hours of domestic-related work than men, that 95-97% of mainstream media, movies, TV are created by men and hardly any can pass the Bechdel Test, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, then you don’t have senses.

Women don’t cause the majority of the world’s conflict, are rarely terrorists, attackers, molesters nor do they blow the tops off of mountains, clear-cut, create CAFOs or—basically—throw Planet Earth under the bus. No, they don’t. See rabble, rabble, rabble : : women create, men destroy for more listed information. And BTW—really, truly—macho is unimaginative, at best.

So, boyz. How about stepping out of denial and step up to acknowledgment. The first course of action in healing anything is to accept “what is.” If you can’t do that, there are no other moves.

As Schopenhauer said: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Let’s race for Self-Evident, okay? Bet I’ll get there first…

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2 thoughts on “but don’t you hate…

  1. Hear, hear! Me thinks most men protest too much. Any fool can see that it’s still a man’s world. And those of us who dare to point it out are called “femi-nazis,” “sluts,” or, worse, accused of gender bias.

    Someone (a man) recently wondered aloud why, since there’s an International Women’s Day, we don’t have an International Men’s Day. Because, I said, pointing out the obvious, EVERY day is Men’s Day. All over the world.


  2. Yes, Men have “owned” the world for so long I think they forget that every day is not theirs. :)


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